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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Aviator Hat

The ending of Summer has been SUPER busy for me! My family traveled from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Knoxville, Iowa for a family member's wedding. We stayed in an awesome little cabin (with AC and a jacuzzi!!!) in the country. I am not one for camping or anything camping related, but this cabin was more like a hotel. The biggest difference was that it was located in the middle of an Eagle sanctuary. Yup, true story. I actually had to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode while I was gone. It was nice to take a little break- my fingers & arms were very happy! Since then I have been jam packed with Etsy orders. :)

I haven't had time to update my blog, and in all honesty, I haven't had time to create anything new. I have been selling so many Abby Cadabby hats, Baby Converse shoes, Mary Janes, and Mickey & Minnie hats that it's almost unreal. 

One of my newer creations was made by special request from a customer. She wanted a photo session of her son wearing an Aviator style hat with Aviator sunglasses. If you browse Etsy, Pinterest, or even Google you will see many of those adorable photos going around.

Here is a photo of my son sporting the hat!

I couldn't find any Aviator sunglasses in my house, so we settled on these ones. The hat is super cute, and I think my son felt like a cool dude wearing it. Obviously!

You can find the Little Aviator Hat & many more creations in my Etsy Shop!

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