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I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mother of two from Michigan. I like to crochet, it relaxes me. I love to make new and different things!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Animal Mania: Happy Giraffe Hat

I love making animal hats! Something about making a baby look like a little bear or kitty is just so much fun. :)  I laugh hysterically every time my son Elliot tries on one of my animal hats. He just looks so cute, I can't help it! 

My favorite and definitely most time consuming creation so far is my Happy Giraffe Hat. I wanted to make something out of my leftover yellow yarn, and I couldn't think of anything fun. I'll be honest, yellow is not my favorite color. Not even close. Just when I thought I'd never use that yucky yellow yarn, I was cleaning up Genevieve's toys and stumbled upon her animal puzzle. When I saw the cute yellow cartoon giraffe, I knew what I wanted to make! 

It took me a few hours, but it ended up looking so cute that it was well worth it. Elliot was my model and he looked SO cute in it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Zebra Print Mary Janes

The other night, my kids fell asleep early so I made these little Mary Janes while watching a movie. Saturday nights have certainly changed! I had a little bit of black yarn leftover from an order, so I needed to make something small. I decided on these Mary Janes, and added the Zebra bows later to give them some pizazz. 

I love anything that is black and white together. I think it goes with almost everything and looks fun, yet classic. Genevieve was very anxious to try them on, so she was my little foot model. :) 

My Children ♥

I thought I would share a little about my kids since I mention them a lot in this blog. I never thought I could love two little people so much! They are truly amazing children. I'll start with my oldest, Genevieve.

Genevieve came into the world in October of 2007. She was a tiny fighter from day one. She was so little and quiet, and all the nurses commented on how she seemed so mild-mannered. Genevieve has always been that way! She has such a gentle soul, and always wants others to be happy. She will talk to anyone and everyone, and even invite old men & women over to our house to play! She is definitely a lover. 

Genevieve has a deep love for Toy Story, Barbies, Disney Princesses, The Fresh Beat Band, coloring, and music. I would not be surprised at all if she grew up to be a singer or an actress. She loves to be the center of attention, and can sing along to almost any song she hears. Singing in the car is one of her favorite things to do. :) 
(cat hat photo courtesy of photographer Terry Johnston.)

My baby Elliot is six months old. He is just like his older sister. He is a sweetie pie! He already has so much personality jam packed into his little body. He was born in April of 2010, and just seems happy to be alive! 

Elliot is almost always smiling. He loves to play with his big sister, but he'll also play by himself and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. He is a mommy's boy, big time! :) He crawls all around the apartment, and waves "Hi" and "Bye bye." He loves to eat, and knows how to make a mess! 

Elliot loves his elephant blanket, Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba, and riding in the stroller. He looks out the window in the car, and loves to make raspberries with his mouth! He is so much fun, and he completes our family perfectly. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Froggy Face

Introducing....my Froggy Face Hat! I had to purchase some bright Green yarn for a customer's order, and I was trying to think of something to make with the rest of it. I was also trying to make some hats that were more boy friendly, since a lot of my hats are for girls. I can't help it, the little flowers and bows are just so cute! I first made the Froggy with just the eyes, and then decided it was too boring and needed a little something. I finally decided on making little cheeks and a smile while watching The Princess and the Frog with my daughter. 

My son wore this hat on a recent trip to an apple orchard, and I had many comments on it. One lady said she could spot him from a mile away with the bright colored yarn! I'm sure his smile helped, too. :) 

Little Lion Hat

I love making animal hats because they always look so cute on little ones. The problem is, my son is not as willing to be the model for my hats! I had to try this one on my daughter's doll instead. :) This Lion hat was fun to make because it was so much different from other hats I've made. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, especially with fringe on the sides where normally nothing would be attached. I think it turned out great, and it looks super cute on! I don't think the pictures do it justice. :) 

As always, this hat is for sale on my Etsy page. I also take requests for special orders, so if there is a hat you want in a different color or style (with or without ear-flaps, brims, etc.) I would be happy to make it for you! I also make any of my hats in adult sizes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just For Fun: Frank N. Stein Bib

I wanted to make something different and fun, and I found the pattern for this bib and knew I wanted to make it. It didn't take long at all, and it turned out great! My six month old son loved looking at it! He kept reaching for it and trying to play with it when I showed it to him. :) The pattern can be found here on the Lion Brand Yarn website. So cute, and great for Halloween for a little one who is too small for a Halloween costume! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkeys seem to be everywhere lately. I've seen a sock monkey jack-in-the-box, stuffed animals, keychains, pictures, etc. I love these little guys, especially the one in the movie Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium that tries to hug Jason Bateman every time he walks by. :) 

I decided to make a Sock Monkey Hat  one day while I was surfing the net, looking for inspiration. I like to look at different stuffed animal pictures and see what I could come up with in hat form. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but sometimes it's hard to put them into action and create something decent out of them.

Once I made the Sock Monkey hat for a boy, I decided to add a flower and change the colors to make a girl version.

All my hats can be made in adult sizes as well. If you don't mind walking around town with a sock monkey on your head. :)