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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

R2D2 Baby Beanie

I am always looking online at crochet creations to get a feel of what is popular right now in the crochet world. I use Google, Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, Pinterest...you name it, I've probably researched on it. If you browse the crochet category on Etsy, you will find basically the same sort of creations made by many different shops. The item is similar, the idea the same, but the end result is always different because everyone crochets differently. 

I knew that The Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter were popular, so I made a Jack Sparrow Amigurumi doll, and a Harry Potter Amigurumi doll. (Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheted & knitted dolls.) I even made a creepy & sort of cute looking Lord Voldemort doll which I gave to my nephew for Christmas. I knew that Twilight was very popular, but I never made any Twilight items. I didn't think it was possible to make a doll version of Edward look at a doll version of Bella as creepy as Robert Pattinson does in the movies. :) Plus, I'm Team Jacob, anyway.

I know that the number one most popular movie is Star Wars. My nephew loves it, my brother loved it, and although I haven't seen every Star Wars movie, I did love those Ewoks when I was younger. (I was more of a Rainbow Brite girl.) I have seen many Star Wars related crocheted hats and dolls online, and I have made my nephew a little Yoda doll...but I never went any further with the Star Wars phenomenon. Until...

My friend recently had twin baby boys, and asked me if I could make them matching R2D2 beanies. I've seen them online, and this was not something I ever wanted to attempt. But, I couldn't say no to someone whom just had twin boys! I mean, seriously. Plus, I love a good crochet challenge. This beanie was more difficult because you have to switch yarn colors in the middle of a row, which I've never done before. I also don't follow patterns- I make things up as I go along. And, shamefully, I have never really memorized what this little robot looks like. (Is he a robot??) 

I made the first hat in a few hours & whipped up the second hat in very little time. I put this photo on my Facebook crochet page and within seconds I had people that I didn't even know "liking" it. Today I checked and saw that it is my most viewed item on my page. Star Wars fans just aren't messing around. :)

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  1. Do you have a pattern for this? The only patterns I can find are for adult sizes. I am having a daughter in October, and thought it would be cute to make an r2d2 costume for her (ala the r2 tutu pic you may have seen circulating the interwebs). I figure i can make a tutu easy enough and it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out making a tube top for her... but the beanie I could really use a pattern for. please let me know :)