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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Pink Fairy Hat, Inpsired by Abby Cadabby!

When my daughter was little, she was obsessed with Abby Cadabby. She had an Abby themed birthday party, stuffed animals, clothes, and watched the DVD of "Abby In Wonderland" more times than I can count! It's too bad that I didn't know how to crochet back then, because she would have LOVED this hat:

I took a poll of my Facebook page of favorite characters, and Abby Cadabby was one of them. I didn't know if I could pull off this hat, but I thought I'd try, and the worst thing that could happen is she'd look like a weirdo and not Abby Cadabby. 

This hat is made with Acrylic yarn, in Light Pink, Dark Pink, Medium Purple, Light Blue, Black, and White. She features her flower hair clips and fuzzy little pigtails! 

My daughter loved this hat & requested one of her own. I guess you're never too old for Abby. :)

You can purchase this hat in my Etsy Shop!

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