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I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mother of two from Michigan. I like to crochet, it relaxes me. I love to make new and different things!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Just For Fun: Crazy Frog!

When I have leftover yarn that isn't enough to make a hat, I either make baby booties or something just for fun. I couldn't really picture bright Green baby booties, so I opted to make a little froggy for my.....little froggy! "G"got her dolly, so I wanted to make "E" something, too. :)

"E's" favorite movie right now is The Princess and the Frog. I know, it sounds strange since he's a little boy, but for some reason he is glued to the tv when his big sister watches it. Only Yo Gabba Gabba has ever had that effect on him before.

Once again, I didn't follow a pattern. I just made it up as I went. I didn't write the pattern down as I went either. I guess I should start doing that! I guess that means that every thing I make is unique. :)

So, without further ado....

His arms are a little funky, but I ran out of yarn. I've got to stop running out of yarn! LOL. I think it gives him character, so I don't really mind. I wasn't sure if "E" was going to like Mr. Frog because he was so busy playing with a little Barbie mirror when I showed it to him. But...


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