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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mermaid Photography Prop Set

I fought the urge to make the mermaid photo prop set for sooooooooo long! I couldn't fight it anymore. Every single time I see these adorable sets online, I just sigh to myself. They're so cute I want to scream! :) AHHHH! So...I bought a pattern I liked and made one the next day.


This little set is so cute in photos, and one million times cuter (is that possible?!?) in person. My daughter's favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, so I am bummed that my almost 5 year old is too old to wear this. I know....sucks. I guess she could flip the tail upside down and wear it as a hat. Ok, probably not. 

The set (currently available in a 0-3 month size) includes:
 - Mermaid tail, pictured in Peacock with Turquoise scales
- Adjustable Seashell top, pictured in Light Pink
- Adjustable Starfish Headband, pictured in Burnt Orange & Turquoise

You can purchase this beautiful set at my Etsy Shop!

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