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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crabby Baby Hat

Are you feeling crabby today? :) This little hat is made out of Acrylic yarn in red, has black and white eyes, and his claws are stuffed with cotton balls. I wanted to make something fun and different than the average animal hat. I tried so hard to get a good picture of my son wearing it! He did NOT want to cooperate! That is the problem about creating so many hats...my little model has quit his job! 

I think animal hats make super easy Halloween costumes. I tried so hard to talk my daughter into being a penguin for Halloween, but she wanted to be a baker instead. She has a new obsession with Betty Crocker and anything to do with baking. It all started with one YouTube video of someone making a princess cake, and she was hooked! I can't bake anything unless it comes in a box. :) 

We went to parent teacher conferences this morning for my daughter's Preschool. Her teacher said she is a joy to have in class. When she first saw all her energy she thought, "Oh boy, here we go!" but she said she just loves her. She needs to work on sitting and listening during circle time, but other than that she behaves perfectly well. So apparently my daughter is not a little crab at school!

You can purchase the Crabby Baby Hat from my Etsy shop!

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