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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pop Culture Dolls

I know I've posted these before, but I wanted to post them again for people who may have missed them or don't feel like searching my blog for them.

My most viewed items in my Etsy Shop are my dolls. They've been featured on blogs, in treasuries, etc. I don't follow a pattern for these dolls, I just make them up on the spot. I am always looking at different pictures of celebrities and wondering if I could make a crocheted doll look-a-like. I like the challenge and people seem to respond well to these dolls. 

The single most viewed item in my shop would be my Lady Gaga doll. 

  Lady Gaga is wearing her signature shades, a lovely Black leotard, fish net tights, her hair bow, and extra dark makeup. She is ready to ship if you'd like her to live with you. :)

Second most viewed is Captain Jack Sparrow. 
Mr. Sparrow features his Red bandana, hair beads, dreads, vest, sash, belt, boots, purple bag, and he even wears eyeliner! The original doll sold and went to live in Australia. I hope he's having fun in the land down under.

Shortly following Jack Sparrow in views is Harry Potter.
Harry features his lightning bolt scar, glasses, and is wearing his Hogwarts uniform. The coat is removable. He has Blue eyes like in the movie, but he can also be made with Green eyes like in the book. 

This doll doesn't have as many views, but he needs to be included since he goes with Harry Potter: Lord Voldemort!
Lord Voldemort was very difficult to make out of yarn and have it look kind of cute and not totally creepy. His coat is also removable. He would love to live with Harry so he can terrorize him some more. :) 

Please feel free to stop by my Etsy Shop!

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