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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Etsy Madness!

My little Etsy shop has been SO extremely busy recently! If I didn't have a calendar & had no way to know when the weather cooled off, I would know just by my Etsy sales! Hats & booties galore! I love making & sharing my creations with people from all over the globe. I've shipped things to Australia, Spain, Canada, and all over the US. Even though I am currently feeling like all my spare time has gone to crocheting, I am still so happy that people enjoy my creations. Plus, I can help out with the bills since I am a SAHM.

I wish I would have discovered Etsy earlier. There is something about buying handmade items that is just so wonderful. I know that I am supporting a mom, a family, or even the single people every time I buy something from an Etsy shop. I also love that the things I find are unique & special. I just recently purchased a ring from frecklelips jewelry on Etsy for my brother's birthday gift. He loves to play Bingo (Even though he's in his 30's!) and I-16 is his lucky number. I found an awesome ring made out of an old bingo chip that says I-16! I knew I had to get it. He wore it to Bingo this past weekend and won twice in one night! It was an awesome good luck charm, and not something I could find in a store. I am going to try to buy all my Christmas gifts from Etsy. :)

My most popular item recently is my Pretty Penguin Hat. I have made a bunch of these in the last two weeks. I originally made the hat with Hot Pink trim, but someone ordered it in red so I made this one.

I think I actually prefer it to the Pink one. The Pink one was first made for my daughter, since she LOVES Penguins & anything Pink. The Red one just seems more Christmas-y to me. :)

Check out my Etsy Shop and get in on all the fun Penguin action!

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