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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pretty Penguin Hat

My daughter loves Penguins. It is actually a funny story: we were at our local zoo when she was just a few months old, and we found a little Penguin stuffed animal in the gift shop. We gave it to her and she instantly fell in love with "Pengy." After many snuggles, Pengy started looking a little shabby. Two years ago we visited the Brookfield Zoo and found the exact same Penguin in the gift shop. I knew we needed to buy it to replace Pengy #1. My daughter would NOT let go of him, so she ended up with two pengies. She calls the newer one "Soft Pengy." When she started preschool, she was so worried about what would happen to Pengy when she was gone. I had to promise her that I would take good care of him for her. She told me that he couldn't eat Oreos until he had his lunch. :)  The funniest part is that when we visit the zoo, she is scared of the real Penguins. She doesn't like when they make loud noises, she thinks they smell bad, and she doesn't like when they swim too close to the glass. She warmed up to them a little the last time we went, but she definitely prefers the stuffed version. :)

It has started to get really cold here (hello, it's Michigan!) so I wanted to make her a new winter hat. I decided a Penguin hat was the way to go. This hat is made with soft Acrylic yarn in Black, with White eyes, and a Gold beak. To make it more girly, I added eyelashes, a Hot Pink border, braids, and a bow. This hat could easily be made for a boy- just take away all the girly glamor! 

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