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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy Moments

Sometimes I think I'd like to write a book. I would call it, "You Know You're a Mom When..." My life is full of these moments. When you have babies, you know you're a mom when you go out in public covered in baby puke and don't even care. You know you're a sleep deprived mom when you change your little baby in the middle of the night and you put the diaper on backwards and both of his legs in one side of his pants. When they're a little older, in my experience, you know you're a mom when you beg your daughter to watch High School Musical for the 1,432,895th time instead of some annoying show like Blues Clues. 

Last night, I had an ultra mommy moment. We were out shopping for a computer armoire, and of course ended up buying plenty of other things we maybe didn't necessarily need. First, I searched Hobby Lobby for Pinking Shears. I never found any, which annoys me because I need them. I walked out with two rolls of yarn, and a new appreciation for Easter baskets. They had a TON of fun little baskets! Different shaped ones like elephants, race cars, sock monkeys, etc. They had character baskets like Sponge Bob, Disney Princesses, and Spiderman. I think I spent more time looking at Easter baskets and eggs than yarn. 

At the next store, I first looked at some rugs for my kitchen, and then I went straight to the toys. I wanted to see if they had any cheap toys my kids would like. Four stores later, we were at home unloading our goodies, and the one purchase I was most excited about? A new step stool for the bathroom!! It folds up and down very easily and is high enough for my daughter to reach the toilet and the sink, but not too tall where I'd have to be afraid for her safety. Back in the day, I would buy so many new clothes that I would barely ever need to do laundry. I'd buy books and movies. Now I shop mostly for my kids. I don't know how something as simple as a step stool could make me so happy, but I really do LOVE that thing.

I guess the first chapter in my book would be: You know you're a mom when you write an entire blog post about a freaking step stool! 

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