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Monday, March 7, 2011


I was the only girl in my family and grew up with two older brothers and one younger. I remember playing with G.I. Joe, Star Wars figures, Legos, and Matchbox Cars. I also remember wearing all Black clothing and running around the front yard, and then diving onto the ground when a car drove by. We were always playing fun games in the front yard, like "Bloody Murder." Funny, because I don't think I would want my kids playing a game called that! 

One thing that was a constant around our house was Batman. I remember the action figures, the toy Batman car, the movies, etc. It's crazy how things that were so popular then are still popular now. I guess Superheroes never go out of style. 

I had girl toys, too. I don't want you to think that my mom thought I was a boy. I had the entire set of 90210 barbies, New Kids On the Block barbies, and even the Wizard of Oz barbies. I guess like every normal girl, I LOVED Barbies. I didn't have the convertible or the crappy cardboard house with the elevator, but I had enough to get by. My mom probably didn't buy me those expensive barbie accessories because my brothers would have ruined them in two point five seconds. The story I'm about to tell is 100% true: My brothers would take my Barbie, put her in the middle of the road, pour Ketchup on her, and then bring me out into the road to show me. They would tell me that she was hit by a car. Then they'd cut her hair super short or dye it with Koolaid and throw her onto the roof, so I'd never see her again. No, I am not kidding.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Someone at my husband's work wanted me to make a Batman hat for him. I was reminded of my childhood the entire time I was making this hat. I haven't added this hat to my Etsy Shop yet, mostly because I'm not sure if that is legal. I wanted to show off the hat of course, so here is a picture. 

I think the bat symbol could be seen from pretty far away, but I wouldn't expect the person wearing the hat to necessarily save you from any harm. I'm sure he'll think he can, though! :) 

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