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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mary Jane Fever!

I don't know if I've already shared this tidbit of info or not, but I love baby shoes. I always have! While shopping, even long before I had babies, I would always ooh and ahh at tiny little baby shoes. The funny thing is, my kids didn't wear them. I received a pair of Pink tennis shoes for my daughter at my shower, but I think she only wore them once for pictures. My son only owns one pair of little brown shoes that I got at a second hand store for his Halloween costume. I learned something from being a mother: baby shoes are completely pointless. It's sad, but it's true. Although adorable, they are expensive, clunky, and probably very uncomfortable. I cannot give you even two reasons why infants need to wear shoes. 

I wish I would have discovered crocheting while my daughter was an infant, because I would have made her so many pairs of little booties that she would need an entire closet just for them! These Mary Jane style shoes are ADORABLE and practical! Inexpensive, soft, light, and comfortable! I have been making these like crazy over the last few days. There are so many color choices and styles of ribbons. These shoes look equally adorable without the ribbon! They are detailed and look just like regular Mary Janes. 

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