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Monday, March 21, 2011

Walk MS 2011- The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

My sister-in-law, Jessica, was diagnosed with MS in 2006 shortly after the birth of her first child. Her hands and part of her face felt like pins and needles, and the doctor thought it might have been caused by her epidural during labor. Later on, she was at work and experienced double vision. She went to the ER, where after many tests, they diagnosed her with MS. 

Over the years, her MS kept getting worse. In the eighth month of pregnancy with her second child, she had another relapse. She had to quit her job because she couldn't walk. After some steroid treatments and with the help of a walker, she is able to walk again but not very easily. She is only 29 years old. Things that we take for granted; like walking around the mall or playing with your kids in the park, she cannot do. Jessica rarely complains, and is overall in pretty good spirits considering.

Our families have been walking in the MS Walk for about three years now. We usually have a pretty big team and can raise a good amount of money. The money goes towards research, educational materials, and more for people living with MS and their families. It also goes to finding a cure: there is NO cure for Multiple Sclerosis currently.

This year, the walk is in May in Grand Rapids. Our team name is The Banana Hammers (an inside joke.) I have made donations to the cause before, and when I got married instead of giving out wedding favors, we made a donation to the NMSS in honor of our guests. For this walk, I have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds I make by selling my handmade items in my Etsy Shop.

We hope that we can raise money toward our goal so we can help find a cure for this terrible and devastating disease. If you would like to help, please visit my Walk MS page  or our Team Page.You can make a donation there, or you can also help by purchasing an item from my shop! Cute items, great cause! :)

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